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Kernel Compilation
OpenWeekend 2002/2005
Installfest 2003
Cryptofest 2004
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[Učíme se programovat v jazyce Assembler pro PC]
[Architektura počítačů]
[Kompilujeme kernel]

Curriculum Vitae
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Czech and English(beta)
Texts about hardware hacking
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Participating in projects
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[W83792D Linux 2.6.13 Driver and backport]
Closed projects
Neomagic TV support for MPlayer
VESA GTF support for MPlayer
Asmutils utilities
i2c-pport for  Linux 2.6
W83L785 chip driver
W83L785 userspace part
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[PGP public key]


db "Hello, my name is Rudolf Marek, known also as Ruik",0x0A
printf("People interested in my curriculum vitae can find it here in Czech and English(beta).\n");

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